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To create an Omnitherapy account you must be over the age of 17, live in Leeds or be registered with a Leeds GP and not currently being seen by secondary care mental health services or a crisis team.

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Are you interested in learning practical ways of dealing with your symptoms, through a self-help course of treatment? This includes watching multiple sessions, and finding time between sessions to put the new skills learnt into practice.

Are you receiving support or seeing a practitioner from another service? (this includes primary care, community mental health team, psychology, psychiatry)

Have you referred yourself to the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service already, or are you waiting for/receiving one of our therapies (online, group or 1:1)?

Do you have a diagnosis of any of the following conditions: obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety or health anxiety?

Are you in crisis, in need of urgent help, or worried about harming yourself?

Are you seeking support to help you manage uncontrollable anger or drug/alcohol use?

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Why do I need to fill out these forms?

Before you start treatment you’ll need to provide us with some personal information and answer three mood-tracking questionnaires that relate to how you feel. These are necessary to help you to monitor your progress and get the best treatment possible. As an NHS organisation it is important that we have a correct record of your personal details. Please watch the video above for more information.

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You must be 17 years or over

Sorry you do not meet our criteria

If you are under 17 years old you are unable to register for an online account with Omnitherapy.

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